Time-lapse video which was filmed entirely in GTA V

Mudslide Captured on Dashcam (Watch the mountain peak around 00:03 for a hint of things to come.)

(Source: youtube.com)

Vienna in 1951

London Heathrow Approach Time-Lapse (by Cargospotter)

Google Street View as you’ve never seen it before

Michael Jackson, Prince & James Brown together on Stage in 1983 (by Emma Keis Byrialsen)

President Theodore Roosevelt gibing a Speech in the 1900s (by clipcafe)

Prohibition Ended! March 23, 1933 (by abvlad)

THEESatisfaction - Sista Ya Been On My Mind & Enchantress (Live at Pickathon) (by kexpradio)

Tom Jones with Janis Joplin (by ephemeralfilm)